Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Banking questions made easy by vedic maths

Apply vedic maths in numbers and get quick(fast) and easy answers:

-square of 95(for numbers b/w 91 to 95 approx.)

by vedic maths:

-square of 54
 By vedic maths:
the number you get at this stage is 2516
Multiply 5x4=20
Multiply this number by 2
Add a zero to it
now add the two numbers
2516+400=2916 Answer

-Use formula n(n+1)25
for n between 0 and 9

if n=6,
4225 Answer

-Convert km to miles

64 km=64/8x5=8x5=40 miles

miles to km
64 miles=64/5x8=12.8x8=102.4 km

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Electric scooter launched in Lucknow

Looking at the rising network of EV Brand Okinava in UP,Okinava has come up with Electric scooters.
Facilities in this scooter

Anti theft alarm
Central Locking

This scooter can cover a range of 80-90 km in 4-6 hours of charging.

For people of Lucknow,If you dont have Electricity Meter reading you can contact billing agency of your area.

If you dont have Electricity Meter reading you can contact billing agency of your area.


Munshipulia,Chinhat, 7755886661

Sitapur road,Residency,7755001159






Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here is an app for people who are forgetful

Haptik app is an app for forgetful people.
All you have to do is send a message to your assistant.The most favourite feature is reminders feature.

Haptik uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intervention to process all your requests.

The main purpose of Haptik app is to redefine the way you get work done.
It does'nt take up much space on your phone.

It also helps you to book flight tickets,train tickets,pay your bills,find ATMs nearby etc.

Monday, April 17, 2017

2 new platforms to be made at Charbagh railway station

2 new platforms will be built at charbagh railway station.There will be an expansion of subway.There will be a new electronic route relay system for train management.Railway Board has passed he map for yard remodelling.According to
DRM AK Lahoti thousands of passengers will get rid of late arrivalof trains by yard remodelling.
Yard remodelling of Charbagh railway station was done in 1972.After that number of trains kept on increasing.Now 287 trains are managed by charbagh railway station.Approximately 1 lakh rail passengers visit charbagh daily.The station is still as such whereas trains and passengers have constantly increased.The platforms are always full.File work for yard remodelling is underway for the last 6 years.

RRI building to come up at Platform Number 1.

Kanpur Rail Route to be 4 Lane.

Due to hot weather pattern of allergies is changing.

Allergic Rhinitis

It is a chronic inflammatory respiratory disease.

It leads to difficulty in breathing.

Affects people of all ages.


Itchy nose,mouth,eyes,throat,skin,or any area.
Running nose,sneezing,watery eyes.As the problem advances,symtoms may include nasal congestion,coughing,sore throat,puffnessunder the eyes,fatigue and irritability and headache.


Stay away from pets.
Dont let dust settle in homes.
Keep immunity level high.

Allergic conjunctivitis

It is due to heat and UV rays.
Children in 5-15 years more susceptible.


Itching,stringy discharge,red eyes,eye tears,photophobia.


Wash eyes with cold water.
Regularly take medicines.
Eat lots of fruits.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's new headlines for samasya

Toll free number for academic audit:


Local election directorate has sent a suggestion,examination at ruling party level started.

For elections along with delimitation,ward structuring has started.
More than 600 wards have increased.In 2012,election was held for 11,290 wards.City development department had given 12th April as the date for ward structuring.
Election system has done ward structuring based on population of 2011.Local bodies have sent ward structuring suggestion to administration.This will be analysed at administration level.After this,ward structuring last notice will be sent.Local elections are proposed to be held in UP in June 2017.In 2012,notice of25th May was sent for local bodies.Reservation of ward will be started after ward structuring by city development department.After this,reservation of seats of Mayor and Chairman will be started.After the structuring of seats and wards notice of elections will be started.

In city local bodies there are a total of 3 crores ,6 lakhs voters.In population of city local bodies the ratio of voters has dropped to 68 percent from 74.5 percent.